I first discovered MOOP a little over a year ago while still in the throes of boutique-dom and all things Clarabella. I can’t remember exactly how I found them. Maybe it was an afternoon browsing spree on Etsy or maybe I stumbled upon them on one of my online hunts for new designers. Regardless, I was immediately drawn to the simple designs, the implied functionality, and the fact that each bag is 100% hand made to order. How often do you hear about that these days? As stated on their Etsy shop, they “design and manufacture every bag, start to finish, in [their] Pittsburgh studio. [They] are the mindful labor behind every Moop bag and are firm believers in concise, durable, well crafted design.”

After reading more about their process, I was well aware that they were not working in wholesale. The made-to-order mentality doesn’t always allow for the type of production necessary for large shop orders. Still, I sent a note of admiration along and quickly received a reply from MOOP’s owner, Wendy Downs. Combine a quality handmade product with a kind and thoughtful business person and I’m hooked. I haven’t been in touch with Wendy since then, but a quick check on their blog and website leads me to believe that their business continues to thrive despite the economic downturn, something that brings quite a smile to my face!

While I figure out the direction for this new blog of mine, I’m hoping to add interviews with designers I admire. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to add MOOP to that list! Until then, a little bit of eye candy for you… a few of my favorite bags!


The Tote (in Sand), $89



The Porter (in Provincial Blue), $91



The Market Bag (in Sand), $93



The Letter Bag (in Rosewood),$118


[All Images ©2007-2010 Wendy Downs / Moop™ All Rights Reserved]


More on MOOP

Online Shop:




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