B-Side / Ken & Dana Design :: 3.4.10

Innovative jewelry designs


a fashion savvy magazine


a hip downtown (NYC) location


all for a good cause.


GUN Reclamation Project :: Launch and Fundraiser

Thursday, March 4 from 7-10pm

STAY lounge, 244 East Houston Street [bet A and B]

Click to RSVP

Your first chance to shop the new collection from ken & dana design (necklaces start at $50 with %20 going to GUN buy back programs.)

ZINK magazine gift bags

All funds collected will be  distributed to the NYPD & D.A.’s office – restricted to GUN buy back program


What it’s all about:

b-side by ken & dana, GUN reclamation project

Living in NYC, it often seems we never go more than a week without hearing of a tragedy caused by guns and violence. Rather than spend our energy on fear or contempt, we’ve decided to take this instrument that represents violence and re-frame it as a symbol of non-violence. We want to commit ourselves and those who purchase these pieces to keeping guns off our streets, so for each work sold from this collection, a contribution will be made to the NYC “Gun Buy-Back Program”. Through this program, the D.A.’s office and the NYPD partner with local churches to offer $200 bank cards for any firearm turned in at one of their one day events. Since 2008, 5700 guns have been taken off New York’s streets.

COMING SOON: designer spotlight on ken & dana design!

[text and images courtesy of ken & dana design]


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