the duck bag :: by BAGGU

BAGGU bags have long been a favorite of mine. I first found them back in the fall of 2007 thanks to the fabulous folks over at coolhunting. I was immediately drawn to the company, what it represented, and how it began. The line was created and designed in California by Joan and Emily, a mother/daughter duo. They wanted to create a reusable bag that was functional, easy to stow in a handbag or a pocket and stylish all at the same time. The original nylon BAGGU was the result. Made of super strong rip-stop nylon (holds 25 lbs), they were light, compact and incredibly functional. Initially, they were available in a range of maybe 10 colors… these days, I count 37 possibilities!

I’ve been watching BAGGU ever since I began carrying the original bag in the shop. The company has grown in size, they’ve added a range of products, and the bags are now available in an impressive lineup of large and small shops. They regularly send out new ideas… ways to screen print on your bags, using a BAGGU as gift wrap, ideas for alternate uses. I’m ever impressed with their marketing and initiative. [note: check out their news section for some additional inspiration]

As a BAGGU dedicate, I was particularly excited to see the addition of a whole new type of BAGGU bag. The Duck Bag was introduced in October of last year. It is made of 100% recycled canvas. It has clean lines, is insanely functional [could fit a laptop, groceries, all the stuff you shove in your handbag] and with all that still manages to be super stylish. And… the icing on the cake? They’re only $18 and come in 8 vibrantly fabulous colors.


click here to check out colors and snatch yours up today.


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