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Hats off to DailyCandy! Some days, the suggestions aren’t for me, but most days, I learn something new and interesting. Be it how to get awesome looking waves in my crazy straight hair or where to find the perfect non-breakable wine glass for an upcoming party. Yesterday, the beautiful piece of wisdom delivered to my inbox came in the form of custom artwork. It gave me a few ideas and inspired my first post in far too long.

Meet Nan Lawson. According to her website, she has been featured on four of my regular ‘go-to’ online destinations and somehow this is the first I’m hearing of her. Her style seems to be simple but quirky… a little whimsical. It’s something I would be drawn to without even the added bonus of a custom drawing. That’s right… custom. You contact Nan. You send her a photo of you and your sweetheart (or your sister, your daughter, your two favorite cats, your goldfish), along with any special instructions, and she gets to work on a custom sketch. $40 and 6 weeks later, she presents you with an 8 x 10 original piece of artwork and the accompanying high digital file to call your own. Pretty awesome, right? Daily Candy’s write up on Nan gave me a few gift ideas, but it also got me to thinking about whether maybe custom art might be more accessible than one would think? The answer, I found, is yes.

With a little something for all types of artistic minds, this is what I found.

Nan Lawson

(see above for details)

the website :: the etsy shop :: the custom gallery :: the tweets


Ashley G and Drew

Ashley and Drew are partners in every sense of the word. They live together out in Portland, OR (the other, somehow equally awesome, Portland). They’ve got a great collection of original artwork, but also awesome custom portraiture.

the website :: the blog :: the etsy shop :: the custom gallery

(couldn’t resist throwing in one of their other pieces)


Jenny Meilihove (aka behappynow)

Jenny is a recent art school grad originally from Russia, now living in Israel with her boyfriend and fabulous cat. One look at her website tells me that she’s one of those gals with an awesomely sunny personality. The kind of gal you want to hang out with. And from a quick look at her artwork, also the type of gal who could create an amazing and unique portrait just for you.

the website :: the etsy shop :: the tweets


Lisa Golightly (aka Kiki & Polly)

Ms. Golightly (aside from having an awesome name) is based in Portland, OR. She has an amazing way of representing the human form. The most diverse of the sites that I found, there are 4 different types of portrait options: classic portrait, line portrait, sketch portrait and painterly portrait. I would highly recommend that you check all of them out. I’m personally coveting a painterly portrait, but my little coinpurse might steer me first toward a sketch;).

the website :: the etsy shop :: the blog :: the tweets



While I don’t have a whole lot of info on the artist, I think the style speaks for itself. A little more playful and cartoon-like, these portraits are perfect for the young at heart. It’s also good for the impatient as these sketches take 1 – 5 days.

the etsy shop


Lily Mandrill

Last, but not least, is Mlle. Lily. A different take on the portrait theme, this lovely lady creates custom stamps from your photos. Get one with your sweetie for a cute addition to a save the date or a wedding thank you, or go it alone and get one just for you;).

the etsy shop :: the custom gallery :: the blog (it’s in french!)


now go get illustrated!!

[note: all images from the artist’s websites and are property of the artists]



  1. Very cool finds, Erin! Very thoroughly presented. A happy way to start the day.

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