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At age 33, I shouldn’t be surprised that more than 50% of my friends either already have children or are currently pregnant. I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews (one only 4 months old!) and at least 5 pregnant friends due sometime between now and October. What does this all really have to do with me? I suppose it’s got me thinking. No, not about my own (yet), but about all the great things out there for the tots. I’ve spent so much time thinking about coveted shoes and anthropologie, I’ve neglected the tiny pleasures in life. I’ve been peeking around and as I’ve started unearthing an endless supply of adorable children’s websites, I have a feeling this will be the first in a series of many.


Ida Pearle

I first found Ida through the band, Ida. I’m still a huge fan and will always hold a soft spot in my heart for Will You Find Me. Ida Pearle does a fair amount of the band’s artwork and, in fact, used to play violin for them. She has a unique artistic voice applied largely toward cut paper collages. Learn more about her here and take a peek at this adorable alphabet cards.


Milk Moon Kids

I’ll admit I just found this awesome site today. Run by childhood friends Sarah Spring and Lauren Kitchen, the site focuses on hand illustrated prints geared toward a younger market. Check them out here.

the website


Paola Zakimi

I actually found Paola on Print Society and posted one of her prints back in February. Who says those types of art sites are just for adults?? Ms. Zakimi is based in Argentina, but lucky for us, she ships to the US!

the website :: the etsy shop ::  the tweets


Kit Chase (aka trafalgarssquare)

Ms. Chase is a children’s illustrator and mother. I fell in love with her drawings the moment I found them on etsy!

the etsy shop :: the blog


Penelope and Pip

Created by an illustrator named Rachael, these drawings tell the story of “a girl called Penelope, a cat called Pip and their ever-increasing list of lovely friends!” According to Rachael, they share all sorts of adventures. They like reading, lazy summer afternoons and everything charming and sweet about this beautiful world we all share. I think her drawings are charming and sweet! (she also draws friends, like ernest the elephant the owls)

the etsy shop


Angela Traunig (aka FernTreeStudio)

Born in  Ferntree Gully, Australia, Angela is a self trained and college educated artist. She is also mom to an lovely little boy and teacher to a whole collection of lovely little elementary students.

the etsy shop :: the blog


Sarah Jane Studios

Based in Ohio and mom to 2 (almost 3), Sarah created her business with a desire to create vintage inspired art for children that would fill the need for the modern home and nursey. Her art is an extension of her own childhood memories, mixed with the everyday experiences of her own little ones.

the etsy shop :: the blog


Shira Sela

Another fantastic Print Society find, Ms. Sela may just be a new favorite of mine. I adore the simplicity of her images and though they may not be meant for a little girl’s room, I do think they’d look right at home in one!

the website :: the etsy shop


[all images and some biographical text pulled from artist websites]


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