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So, as you may have read, one of my favorite people had a birthday last week. When asked about his favorite cake, he replied ‘Angel Food Cake’. (Cheesecake is his other favorite, but I’ve made that one before.) Having never before baked an Angel Food Cake, I thought it might be fun to give it a try. I’m not really much of a baker and at some point I’ll have to share photos of the types of things that come out of my devil of an oven (burned on the top, undercooked on the bottom – not awesome), but a part of me still thought it was worth a shot.

Before I could even think about getting started, I needed to invest in an angel food cake pan. After a chat with my Mom (my cooking guru) and our subsequent  trip to LeRoux Kitchen on Commercial street, a brand new cake pan was all mine!

(look, the pieces separate for easy cake removal!! how cool is that??)

Next on the list was finding a place to bake the cake since my oven clearly hates me. Mom’s kitchen? Check. Thankfully, her kitchen also comes with an electric mixer, a sifter and one of those nifty little contraptions that helps you to separate egg white from egg yolk. My recipe came from Mark Bittman’s ‘How to Cook Everything’. I’m not sure that I’m allowed to reprint the recipe (anyone know about copyrights with credits?) but I’ll tell you that it’s on page 725 and it was way easier than I thought it would be!

So, with ingredients and tools assembled and the oven pre-heated, I donned one of mom’s many aprons (I love aprons!) and started off with the sifting. From there I moved onto the separating of 9 egg whites from their yolks. Then began the mixing. This really (REALLY) isn’t something you can do without an electric mixer unless you’re super woman. Have you ever unleashed an electric mixer on egg whites before? It’s a process also used to make meringues. Double yum. First the eggs get foamy and then they start getting stiff. It’s like the egg whites (which, let’s be honest looks pretty gross) have turned from  caterpillars into butterflies. Plus, there is sugar involved and everything is better with sugar;).

After going through this whole process, you gently fold the batter into the cake pan, cook for about an hour and presto… angel food cake!

As mentioned earlier, I’m lucky enough to have a culinary goddess for a mother… one who has all sorts of fun kitchen tools and random assortments of packaging. She just happened to have a cake box, a cardboard cake platter for inside the box and this lovely tissue paper. Ta-Da! It was pretty good too. Between a birthday dinner and breakfast the next morning, we polished it off pretty quickly (all okay because it’s the least fattening cake you can have!)


Some things you might want to make your very own Angel Food Cake

Cuisinart 9-speed hand mixer, $79.95 – Available at Williams Sonoma, buy here

[i loooooooove cuisinart!!]


Nordic Ware 2 piece Angel Food Cake Pan, $14.99 – Available at Target, buy here


Egg Separator, $1.79 – Available at Sur La Table, buy here


Check out Paper Mart for Bakery Boxes and Paper Source for some gorgeous tissue paper!



  1. Thank you. The photos of the cake look yummy, professional and beautiful.

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