take note :: white on rice

Did the photo get your attention?? It certainly got mine;). I recently came across White on Rice Couple, a blog penned by the LA-based Todd & Diane, dedicated to sharing their essentials of love, food, and adventure. A quick peek at their about page makes me want to hang out with them, or at least take one of their cooking classes!

While perusing the site and checking out various posts, I was immediately drawn to the Strawberry Danish recipe. Can I help it if I have a sweet tooth? I love that they tell the story behind the meal, personalizing the experience, but also give you well thought out, seemingly conquerable instructions on how to make it on your own. Add in posts about Goat Cheese Crostini, Chocolate mousse and Blood Orange Margaritas and I’m thinking this site might just become a daily read!


[photo credit: Todd & Diane from White on Rice Couple]


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