your spring carry-all

Here in Maine, it seems that people drive far more often than they walk. I’ve been insanely reliant on my car because sometimes it’s just easier. It’s not just the actual distance you have to travel… If you’ve got a ton of groceries, you can just put them in the car. Big shopping trip? Load the bags up in the car. It’s handy indeed, but I often feel like I’m missing out on my daily workout, my walk. I used to walk everywhere. To the subway, to work, to the grocery store and home, to friend’s houses, out shopping, to the restaurants and always to the bars. With all that walking and all that lugging around of the various stuff you collect along the way, it’s always very important to have a few good totes. Fun ones, colorful ones, sturdy ones… whatever strikes your fancy. I’ve got a fairly hefty collection, but I’m always on the lookout for more. Even here in Maine where they end up hiding in the car;).


Eep Shopping Bag by Skinny Laminx, $25 – buy here


Tote Bag Lollypop by Virgina Johnson, $98 – buy here


Garden Party Tote by Bundarra, $55 – buy here


Rose Collage Tote Bag by Lovely Pieces, $27.50 – buy here


Mociun + Corwin Hand Printed Tote by Lena Corwin, $40  – buy here


Large Pink Tote by Jennifer Burkin, $50 – buy here


Chick Tote by Lotta Jansdotter, $18 – buy here


Leaf Tote by Bundarra, $55 – buy here



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