blue and silver

It’s been quite a while since I sat down to tinker around with my old jewelry making tools. It’s something I used to do far more often, but surprisingly, don’t seem to have the time for these days. I miss it a little, but it was always more fun when done with a friend. [hi Nicole!] Don’t get me wrong… I’m no expert. I know some of the basics, but even those are a little rusty these days. Still, when presented with the opportunity to head on over to Portland’s Caravan Beads with my niece, I got a little excited.

I wish I had a photo of her necklace to show you. I was so impressed with what she did! She picked out a gorgeous arrowhead, surrounded it with white beads and shells and topped it off with a light brown leather cord. Pretty awesome for an 11-year old (or a 33-year old, actually)! Mine was a little more basic, but I had fun with it all the same. Though most of their classes center around beading rather than metal work, I have to believe there is someone out there in the Portland area who focuses more on wire wrapping and hammering  techniques. If not, maybe it’s time I bring Nicole up for a workshop!!;)





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