i do love a classic

I’m all for independent designers and I do realize that it’s high time I have a feature on someone slightly more under the radar. But that’s not what this post is about;). This post is about my continuing love for J. Crew. I’m sure you’ve  picked up on it. Items from their catalog tend to end up in most of my accessory round-ups. They still tend toward the preppy side, yes, but with a fashionable flair. They maintain their best-sellers while constantly adding new pieces that match with current fashion without coming across as too trendy. They are a go-to for both wedding attire and swimwear, while still offering staples for casual wear and office garb alike. I love J. Crew. And today, it’s about the dresses. I’m still trying to come up with an excuse to buy one of these. Any suggestions?;)


Pebble Seraphina Dress, $275 – buy here


Solid Schuyler Dress, $128 – buy here


Painted Silk Bridget Dress, $168 – buy here


Honey Clover Prairie Dress, $159.99 – buy here


Pretty Ruffles Jersey Dress, $59.99 – buy here


Layered Vest Dress, $59.99 – buy here


Embossed Playa Dress, $88 – buy here


Strapless Embossed Lottie Dress, $140 – buy here


Garden Ribbon Shift Dress, $198 – buy here


Ribbon Cut Wave Dress, $275 – buy here



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