youth, revisited


Well… an old favorite spot, anyway. You Mainers may be familiar… or at least you Portland folk! Two Lights State Park is out in Cape Elizabeth. A gorgeous little seaside spot just past South Portland, Cape Elizabeth is home to a number of stunning beaches and more than one towering lighthouse. It just so happens, however, that this one in particular holds a special place in my heart. When I was a wee lass, I spent weekends with my dad on Portland’s West End. He had a little apartment on Pine Street, which was not only home to some pretty awesome rock posters, but also a hand crafted loft bed, complete with shelves for my many books, lights for my reading and story writing, and pink carpeting. I was clearly the coolest little gal on that block. We filled our weekends with things like pizza nights, ‘double features’ at the old Maine Mall movie theatre, walks with the beloved Maggie May (best dog ever), and trips out to Two Lights. We’d  spend hours rock-jumping, investigating barnacles and the icky seaweed, seeing how close we could get to the water without actually getting splashed by the waves crashing against the rocks (pop), and making up silly songs to sing while hopping from edge to edge (me). It was a grand old time and not something to ever be forgotten.



I hadn’t been back there in years… over a decade at least. It took a brilliantly sunny day with a strong warm breeze to bring me back. J had never been out there and after a foiled birthday trip, agreed that it was the perfect day for an adventure. We didn’t stay long, but had time for a little exploration, some light rock-jumping, and some barnacle examination. Childhood… meet Adulthood. 🙂 It was lovely!






  1. Barbara Grandolfo says:

    Gorgeous photos E, and beautifully written.

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