L.L. Bean Signature

For what I imagine is the first time ever, I actually have an overwhelming desire to go on a L.L. Bean shopping spree. Well wait… I do recall desperately wanting one of those heavy blue sweaters with the white flecs back when I was 15 or so. It was the quintessential ski sweater that was all the rage back in the early 90s. So, since then I suppose. A few months ago, L.L. Bean introduced their Signature line… one that offers a little something for a younger (dare I say) more hip clientele. I’m still not sold on their version of skinny jeans, but I am impressed with a slew of the other pieces. Lead designer Alex Carlton [also of Rogues Gallery in Portland] has fashioned a collection that stays true to Maine without looking too ‘Maine’.  Styles have taken on more shape, with a slimmer, less boxy cut. These are styles that would work just as well on the sidewalks of the Lower East Side as they would at a seaside BBQ somewhere up the Maine coast.

I’ve been biding my time with this line. Keeping my eye out for sales and new additions. The initial launch held a few of my favorite lookbook items back and I’m happy to say that they’ve finally released them! I’ve got quite a wishlist going and while I can’t imagine I’ll manage to snatch all of these pieces up, I’ve got my eye on an extensive and fabulous selection.  Take a peek and act fast! Some of the items are limited edition!



Farnsworth Lawn Dress, $155 – buy here


Poplin Dress, $109 – buy here


Stretch Denim Blazer, $95.20 – buy here


Dobby Stripe Shirt Dress, $85 – buy here


Trench, $185 – buy here


Piped Wrap Dress, $71.20 – buy here


Oxford Cloth Jacket, $89 – buy here


Sidney Wrap Dress, $89 – buy here


Chambray Shirt Dress, $79 – buy here


Wood Bangle, $25 – buy here


Resin Bangle, $19 – buy here


Square Printed Scarf, $35 – buy here


Wood Ring Necklace, $65 – buy here


Rebecca Cork Wedge, $99 – buy here


Espadrille, $65 – buy here


A little press to keep you interested:



Katy Elliot (check this blog out if you haven’t already!!)

Thread NY



  1. Wow! I’d seen the ads and links for LLBean Signature, but I didn’t expect that it was actually going to be cool! Neat!

  2. I know! I was so impressed when I first saw the catalogs. I’m about a week away from making those Rebecca wedges mine;).

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