I can’t for the life of me remember how I first found smitten kitchen. I’m sure it was on one of my ‘web crawls’… I do remember, however, that it only took 5 minutes of perusing the site before I was hooked. I’m no master chef, but something about this site makes me want to experiment. Maybe it’s the range… maybe it’s the ‘surprise me!’ link on the main page that always takes me to a new and exciting culinary destination. The tales and recipes come Deb and Alex who describe their adventures as “fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City”. You’ll want to do a little exploring trust me. The writing style is fantastic, familiar, and kinda makes me want to move back to NY just so I can be friends with Deb. She personalizes her recipes with anecdotes and fantastic imagery. She makes me want to be a better cook!

the website :: the fan page :: the tweets

Saturday night was destined to be a mellow one. It’d been a long week and I knew that J and I would be hanging at home. I decided it was time to move past our typical stir fries and quesadillas, time to work on a little culinary expansion. Enter smitten kitchen’s hefty list of recipes.  I knew I wanted something vegetarian, something healthy and something I felt I could actually accomplish.

Introducing Couscous and Feta Stuffed Peppers. Mmmmmmmmmm.

[note: I realize this post isn’t quite as effective without imagery… I didn’t take photos of my version, thinking I would just show you what the recipe should ultimately look like and have since realized that I’m not allowed to post Deb’s photos. Sad, but understandable. I hope you’ll check her site out for the full experience and follow the links below for some SUPER yummy treats. I vow to try each of the recipes below at least one and will post my own photos throughout the summer!]


It was a surprisingly easy recipe and my finished product actually even looked like theirs. [note: the photo above is from smitten kitchen] The whole process took about 45 minutes with very little heavy lifting. The result was super yummy. J was impressed and maybe now slightly less concerned about his future of dinners cooked by yours truly;).

Want to jump on my bandwagon and have your own smitten kitchen love affair? Check out some of these delectable treats and fire up your oven. Then call me to let me know when the french toast will be ready;).


Boozy Baked French Toast


Coffee Toffee


Black & White Cookies


Homemade Pop Tarts


As if this weren’t already enough… smitten kitchen also has an area of the site dedicated to baby food. So, parents far and wide, take note! There are currently only 2 posts, but if the sheer amount of recipes and posts on this site are any indication, we can assume there will be many more. This is me hoping, with fingers & toes crossed, that someday I’ll work up a series of questions, interesting enough that Deb and Alex will be thrilled to answer in order to become a JPL spotlight.



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