the wild unknown

It’s no secret that I’m a huge design*sponge follower. I’ve found so many amazing designers, DIY projects, and just general inspiration from the fab Grace Bonney, it’s hard to keep track. Last week’s weekly roundup featured the wild unknown, called out for the unique custom sketches and wedding prisms, hand-crafted by artist Kim Krans and certain to be the hit of any collection of summer wedding gifts.

The main page of the site quotes the following:

So I cut off my hair and rode straight away, to the wile unknown country where I could not go wrong. – Bob Dylan

Can’t really argue with a site that starts off on such a good note;).

I’m pining away for one of these, but will likely settle for gifting one to friends, soon to be married!







[all images from Kim Krans and the wild unknown]



  1. Barbara Grandolfo says:

    It is truly amazing, E, how you find all this wonderful stuff to share with us. AND you do it in your spare time, after a day at work. Kudos from your biggest fan.

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