for the babes :: egg

Does anyone else think it’s just a little bit funny that ‘for the babes’ post highlighted a shop called ‘oeuf’ and this new post is for an entirely different shop called ‘egg’. Did you know that oeuf means egg in French? Clearly, I have some sort of unexplainable affinity for shops somehow related to the word egg. I wonder what will be next?;)

I first stumbled across Egg a few weeks back while browsing through a wide variety of NY-based shops. It immediately stood out as a fashion forward, yet functional children’s clothing line, so I bookmarked it for a future closer look. I’ve spent the last hour cooing over little girls dresses, picking out my favorites and ear-marking them for gifts this summer. The designs are original, the prints bold and playful, the materials soft and sometimes organic.

A bit more about Egg (from the about us page):

Egg hatched in 2003, when designer Susan Lazar decided to create a lifestyle brand designed around the needs of stylish mothers and children. In 2006, Susan and Adam Neumann partnered, and with their shared vision, have been building Egg ever since. With her emphasis on love and family, Lazar creates products that are modern and beautiful, highlighting the love between parent and child.

And… if you happen to be expecting, don’t miss the maternity site!

Silk and Cotton Short Sleeve Dress, $59 – buy here


Cable Pullover, $38 – buy here


Striped Jersey Hoodie, $44 – buy here


Jersey Basic Karate Pant, $34 – buy here


Voile Cotton Ruffle Dress, $44 – buy here


Organic Bow Knit Top, $59 – buy here


Voile Cotton Jumper Dress, $44 – buy here


Lightweight Knit Ruffle Dress, $59 – buy here


Voile Cotton Ruffle Top, $34 – buy here


Silk Cotton Cross Back Dress, $55 – buy here


Voile Cotton Short Sleeve Sundress, $44 – buy here


Organic Knit Dress, $70 – buy here


Striped Jersey Short Sleeve Top, $34 – buy here



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