I love Etsy exploration. True, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There is such an excess of amazing, it’s hard to know where to start. As you know, I’ve been targeting my searches of late… focusing on this great state of Maine. I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve found and downright giddy about a few incredibly talented creators.

I stumbled across swallowfield and was instantly drawn to the colors and the composition of the featured prints. Portland based artist Jennifer Judd-Mcgee is the genius behind the illustrations. Her style is unique and undeniably intriguing. I’m fascinated with the detail she incorporates into each piece and find myself wondering what the original would look like up close. Here’s hoping I one day get to find out!! I reached out to Jennifer, in hopes of learning more and was lucky enough have a quick chat.

Stop, read, and learn about the lovely Jennifer!!


the etsy shop :: the blog


the interview

Just Plain Lovely: Where does the name swallowfield come from?

Jennifer Judd-McGee: It was the name of my mother’s childhood home + farm in Pennsylvania. I love the way it sounds.


Munjoy Hill, $18 – buy here


JPL: Do you recall a moment in your life when you first defined yourself as an artist?

JJM: I think it was when I realized the doodling I was doing during long work meetings was making me a whole lot happier than the job I had been doing for years.


Good Morning Sunshine, $18 – buy here


JPL: Tell us a bit about your background as an artist…

JJM: I took a lot of art classes in college, but have only been seriously making art since 1997, long past my college days.


By The Sea, $10 – buy here


JPL: From where do you draw your inspiration?

JJM: Well, I am so lucky to live in Maine! There are gorgeous patterns in nature all around me. I am also inspired by ramshackle houses and a sense of community. A lot of my art is heavily patterned with little neighborhood scenes.


House on a Hill, $18 – buy here


JPL: Where do you create your art?

JJM: Anywhere and everywhere. But mostly at my dining room table or basement studio, in lieu of a real studio space. Can’t wait for the day that I have a space outside of the house.


Bloom and Grow no. one, $18 – buy here


JPL: Where are you from?

JJM: Bar Harbor, Maine


Tapestry, $26 – buy here


JPL: Where do you live now?

JJM: Deering center, in Portland


From Seeds to Blossoms, $18 – buy here


JPL: Do you have any favorite Portland spots?

JJM: I love everything about Portland and the surrounding area. Kettle Cove is a favorite place to draw while the kids splash around in the tide pools. I love walking around back cove, too. I love SPACE gallery and everything they do. And lately we’ve been loving the green elephant & el rayo for dinner, especially the latter’s corn on the cob!


Our Town, $18 – buy here


JPL: Who are your favorite artists?

JJM: There are too many to name! but a few current faves are Anna Hepler, Lisa Solomon, Cassie Jones, and Laura Berger.


Red Ace, $18 – buy here


JPL: How would you define your personal style? Do you think that has an effect on your artwork?

JJM: My personal style is pretty eclectic. Mostly a combo of patterns and a fondness for mid-century design, I guess. I think it definitely plays into my art in a lot of ways.


The Distance from Earth, $18 – buy here


JPL: Do you have any favorite color combinations?

JJM: Turquoise-gray and red is a favorite, and I also love mustard and gray together.


Sow, $18 – buy here


JPL: What are your current favorites in your Etsy shop?

JJM: I have a bunch of new work in my shop right now that I’m liking, like summer flowers and a long and winding road to name a few. Sow is one of my all time favorite pieces, too.


A Long and Winding Road, $18 – buy here


JPL: Do you collaborate with other artists?

JJM: Yes, I love to collaborate! Lately I’ve been working a lot with Sarah Parrott on custom wedding invitations, and it’s been super rewarding to see how stuff turns out.


Summer Flowers, $18 – buy here


JPL: Where do you sell your work?

JJM: Etsy, Supermarket, Rare Device, Nahcotta, Lisa Hall Jewelry, Spruce and Gussy, and Eyebuzz Fine Art all have some of my work right now. I’ve licensed work to several companies that have put my stuff on products, too, like ipop magnets and modern twist placemats and coasters. it’s really fun to see those in stores now. I’ve also been really happy lately to be doing some regular illustrations for maine magazine.


280, $18 – buy here


JPL: Do you have any ‘daily reads’ websites that you would recommend to my readers?

JJM: I have a lot of favorite blogs, but perennial art-related faves are design sponge, but does it float, poppytalk, hula70, 3191, and dear ada. I’ve also been loving lisa congdon’s collection a day blog this year.


the favorites

Author: oh, that’s too hard. I have so many!

Musician: The National of Brandi Carlisle

Drink: Kombucha, or on a hot night, a rum + tonic with lime. πŸ™‚

Flower: Ranunculus

** Thanks so much to Jennifer for taking the time to answer a curious gal’s questions. All photos are courtesy of the artist herself and should not be re-printed without permission.



  1. Barbara Grandolfo says:

    I love this artist’s work, E. Summer flowers is the best. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love her work and am so glad to own one of her prints.

    Great to see her featured here.

  3. this art is wonderful! house on a hill is so sweet! I have bookmarked her for later purchases! thanks!!

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