etsy :: mildredmade

As you may know, Etsy is more than just a marketplace for handmade goods, it’s also a jackpot for vintage finds. It’s like having the best flea market ever at your fingertips. I usually gravitate toward the vintage shops with kitchenware and trinkets… I’m not entirely sure why. Despite that random tendency, this shop caught my eye. Meet mildred. Mildredmade is Jacqueline Dubois, an artist living and working in Maine. According to her shop, she has a BFA in Printmaking from Maine College of Art. She is inspired by her surroundings; the woods, the city, the ocean, family.


the shop


Navy Calico Frock, $28 – buy here


Azure Rose Apron, $14 – buy here


Straw Market Tote, $22 – buy here


Fawn Peep Toes, $22 – buy here


Lemon Marble Necklace, $24 – buy here


Dusty Blue and Peach Slip, $22 – buy here


Pearl and Gold Seed Pouch, $22 – buy here


Rust and Gold Umbrella, $22 – buy here



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