blue jean babe

If you’re like me, you’re a bit of a denim addict. You may have a closet full of jeans – some designer, some not – in varying stages of wear. some are brand new and haven’t found the right night-out yet. Some are so worn and loved that the hole that developed in the seat has been patched over 4 or 5 times. Some are just a tad too small and wait in the wings for one of those coveted ‘skinny days’. I have piles in my closet. I’ve been fortunate enough to always have jeans as a work-day option. From the music business to my own shop to this charming photo studio I’m at now, I’ve never had to put on a suit and heels every day. I do, however, take serious joy in a fantastic pair of jeans, a flattering top and maybe a not-too-high pair of wedge sandals.

My current favorites (Yanuk Boot Cut) are rebelling against me. They’ve got a hole that has been patched a few times and I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that it’s not visible. I have a feeling that’s not quite true so I finally resolved to actively look for a new favorite pair. My first step was to do a quick search for Yanuk jeans. Why mess with a good thing? Much to my surprise, one of the first listings that came up was Really?? Overstock for jeans? I was surprised, but curious. I clicked on the link and was please to find a wide range of denim – from designers like Earnest Am I, Taverniti So, Yanuk, Chinese Laundry, Paper Denim and Cloth and more – at incredibly reasonable prices. I’m not normally an advocate of buying jeans without first trying them on, but with a reasonable return policy, super fab jeans, and prices starting at $19.99, it’s pretty hard to resist. Here are a few of my picks, but I have a feeling you’ll want to browse for yourself!


Yanuk, $33.99 – buy here


Dylan George ‘Ella’ Jeans, $34.99 – buy here


Peoples Liberation ‘Tanya’ Jeans, $52.99 – buy here


Chinese Laundry ‘Tasty’ Flare Jeans, $19.99 – buy here


The Proportion of Blu Narrow Bootcut Jeans, $53.99 – buy here



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