by the lakeside

When J and I were offered the chance to live in my childhood home for the summer, we jumped at it. What’s not to love? Old-school lodge style, gorgeous wood everywhere, cozy rooms overlooking the lake, a giant porch for relaxing, bbq-ing and entertaining, and the clincher, a sizable shoreline with dock included. Sure, my commute is now 2 hours a day, but for this, it’s worth it! I thought I’d share a few summer images with you all. Happy Monday!!;)









  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    Jealous! Though I’ll be just across the lake for a week in August.

    • Oh yay!! Will you be on the lake in Bridgton? I’ll wave;) We should meet up at some point!!

      • Jennifer Jones says:

        I’ll be in Naples, my friends have a place a few doors down from where I lived on the lake (the place we sold awhile back), I vacation with them up there for a week every year. It’s not right across from you, but if I look down the lake from there I can see your place.

        I’ll also be in Naples every weekend from now til the end of the summer, in addition to that full week. I’ll be staying various places, but I’ll be around. Jodi Bansfield and I are coming up together this weekend, would love to see you if you are around!

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