missed connections

You: were eating a gigantic chocolate chip cookie while wearing skinny jeans on the L train.

Me: sitting across from you twirling my hair in a mini skirt.

A piece of the cookie crumbled to the ground and I giggled. You caught my eye, winked and offered me a bite. Let’s get together and eat some cake.

If you’ve ever happened upon the missed connections section on Craigslist, this little scenario won’t sound all that strange. The site allows people to write notes to someone with whom they felt a connection was made, but didn’t have the guts in the moment to ask for a number, or maybe did, but got turned down. I’m sure the situations are varied, but they are generally all pretty entertaining to read. I especially love the NY version which always seems to have a good stories about hipsters, girls with tattoos in Williamsburg, or people in pink tutus outside clubs on the Lower East Side.  Maine’s is a little less quirky, but still worth a read every now and then.

I don’t frequent missed connections, rather I’ll wait for someone to send me the good ones, or I’ll roll on over to Sophie Blackall’s genius blog, Missed Connections. She’s this amazing illustrator who has given a new image to these lost stories online. Her renderings are captivating, beautiful and will often give me a little chuckle. After first finding  her site, I started poking around a little more. I learned that she’s got a fabulous website for her non-missed connections illustrations, she creates children’s books, populates a second blog with her work, and seems like the kind of gal who I’d like to invite to tea topped off with a snifter of brandy or something;). I love her style and hope that someday I’ll have a reason to hire her for something lovely!


Sophie Blackall

the missed connections :: the blog :: the etsy shop :: the website


Red Book, Blue Book, $40 – by Sophie Blackall, buy here


Color Changing Dress at BBQ, $40 – by Sophie Blackall, buy here


You Left Your Coat Here Last Winter, $40 – by Sophie Blackall, buy here


Ice Skating in Central Park, We Collided, $40 – by Sophie Blackall, buy here


Unbelievable Moustache on the C, $40 – by Sophie Blackall, buy here


We Shared a Bear Suit, $40 – by Sophie Blackall, buy here


[all images by Sophie Blackall]


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