Etsy :: Vintage Home Recycled

As I’ve been a little lax on my posting as of late, it seems I left my darling Etsy finds behind! I thought now was as good a time as any to get it all rolling again. I found this charming little vintage shop, based in Windham, ME of all places! Just imagine, somewhere on my daily commute lies this mecca for things of days past. The owner sounds like a complete doll, so make sure to check out her about page. And if you’re enthralled by antique housewares like I am, make sure to check out her full site in addition to the little gems I’ve shared with you here. Happy antiquing!!


Vintage Home Recycled

the etsy shop


Knapp’s Orange Juicer, $15 – buy here


Jeannette Jadite Tea Canister, $96 – buy here


Brass Utensils, $34 – buy here


Monumental 1960s Vintage Liquor Decanter, $22.40 – buy here


1960s Working Man’s Lunch Box, $19 – buy here


Bonney Top Off Jar and Bottle Opener, $16 – buy here


Petite Vintage Brass Vase, $10 – buy here



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