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If you’re not familiar, CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It is a type of partnership between the farms and the community where people are given the opportunity to invest in the farm in exchange for a weekly bounty of sorts. I participated in one of these back in NY and I’m fairly certain that my friend Y still does. If you’re in the East Village area, check out the 6th Street Community center. Pick-ups are every Tuesday and can include veggies, fruit, and even fish. It’s a pretty fantastic deal. I was never very good at using all of the veggies in my half of a shared CSA, but I always felt good about what I was supporting. I’d like to give it another try here in Maine and know that there is a wide range of hard-working and amazing farms to choose from.

I actually went to high school with two people who now run their own farms that also offer CSA programs. My mom and step-dad signed up for one and I’ve watched them bring back some gorgeous veggies all summer. Lucky for me, they are on vacation this week, so I was given the opportunity to pick up this week’s share and bring it home for J and I. I met Gina from Alma Farm yesterday afternoon and was presented with a box full with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, kale, husk cherries, watermelon and cucumbers. I’m working on making a tomato sauce and some kale chips and have no doubt that I’ll be enjoying cucumber salads for the next week. [depending on how photos turn out, I’ll post about the tomato sauce and kale chips soon!!]

If you’re looking for some local options, here are the two farms I’d recommend. You may also want to check out the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association or Get Real Get Maine. If you’ve got more suggestions that are somewhat local to the Portland/Cumberland County area, please list them in the comment section!

Alma Farm Porter, ME

the CSA * the website * the fan page * the blog * the farmers


Summit Springs Farm – Poland, ME

the CSA * the website * the blog * the fan page * the farmers


more of this week’s bounty:










  1. So, are those beans, black eyed peas? If so, I think I got some also and am assuming that we have to shell them. Right?

  2. Hi Tammy –

    I’d never actually seen them before. According to my CSA site, they are Dragon Lingerie beans, but with a little research, I’ve also seen them called Dragon Langerie beans. I hear that you can prepare them just as you would a string bean, thoough these shouldn’t have strings. I haven’t tried cooking them yet, but I believe they lose their purple color when cooked, tending more toward the golden.

    Thanks for reading and hope that you’re having a great week!

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