my ‘right now’ old navy shopping spree

Yes yes… I know. Old Navy isn’t your typical ‘pinnacle’ of fashion. I would argue, however, that for a quick fix and some staples, it can do the trick. I’ve talked about this before, but here we are in a new season. The air is getting crisp, the leaves are turning red and orange and sunny days no longer top out at 80 degrees. If I were to jump on a budget conscious shopping spree today… right now… this is what I would buy. And just to drive my budget savvy point home, if I were to purchase everything you see below, I would spend a grand total of $482.96 (+shipping, of course). Seriously… for all this, that’s a full-on steal! I’m now slightly ashamed to admit that I’ve spent an equal amount on a single pair of boots. *sigh* So that’s where all my money went!!;)

top: pintucked top – $21.99, crochet-trimmed cami – $19.99, ruffled keyhole top – $24.50; middle: diva zip-pocket skinny jeans – $12.99, dart knee skinny jeans – $29.99, rock star super skinny denim leggings – $34.50; bottom: ruched v-neck tee – $10.00, applique jersey top – $17.50, tie-belt cardigan – $30.00

top: frost free fleece lined jacket – $59.50, ruffle collar wool blend jacket – $69.50, faux fur hooded anorak – $79.50; bottom: canvas slip-ons – $12.50, sliver-wedge boots – $44.50, studded faux leather ballet flats – $16.00



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