Andrea Bonelli

I first stumbled upon Andrea Bonelli’s gorgeous designs on Etsy… shocking, no?;) I was instantly draw to her classic, hand-crafted designs. It took a little digging, but I was pleased to discover her regular website and some fabulous behind the scenes nuggets about this SF-based gal. I adore that she’s self-taught and approaches her gem and metal selection with an eco-conscious eye, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit being thoroughly wooed by her shopping blog, anything indie. So… take a peek, covet, buy, share with friends and repeat. You won’t be disappointed!


Andrea Bonelli

the website :: the etsy shop :: the blog :: the tweets :: the fan page


metalis sterling silver and 14k gold earrings, $45 – buy here


gold pebble and aquamarine necklace, $165 – buy here


sterling silver hammered pebble studs, $22 – buy here


champagne diamond ring, $320 – buy here


faceted olive green diamond briolette, $130 – buy here


[all images ©2010 Andrea Bonelli JewelryTM]



  1. Love Andrea’s work!

  2. Thank you for the feature. 🙂

  3. lara – me too! thanks so much for stopping by to take a peek:)

    andrea – it’s absolutely my pleasure:). Your designs are gorgeous and I’m hoping you’ll be hearing from me for an order soon!!

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