why I love anthropologie, the fall edition

Sometimes I feel a little like an Anthropologie ad. I don’t mean to, I swear. It’s just that I love so much of what they stock. Would it honestly be too much to ask for them to move their corporate offices to Portland so that I can get signed on as a buyer? Seriously… someone get on that.;) It’s pretty much guaranteed that I could walk into any one of their stores on any given day and find something unique, design savvy, and well-made that also fits me perfectly. Trust me, that’s rare for me. I try to keep myself at bay and have done pretty well since I moved to Maine, largely because the closest shop is a 2.5 hour drive away, but still… I loooove. Thanks to a pretty awesome fellow, I think I still have a bit of cash left on a gift card, so now it’s all about selection. How in the world do I narrow my ultimate Fall shopping spree down to just one piece? For the moment, maybe I’ll just look and admire. If I had the funds today, this might be what my blow-out shopping spree would look like:

top: floral frappe top – $58, sleeve pitch blouse – $128; bottom: posh peasant tee – $68, bianka blouse – $68

top: lorena dress – $138, look back sweater dress – $148; bottom: harbingers of fall dress – $158, volga dress – $89.95

top: knitting needle cardigan – $98, belladonna top – $128; bottom: stitch play cardigan – $358, cabled pathways pullover – $128

top: le soir magnifique coat – $298, double duty cape – $248; bottom: alice in autumn sweatercoat – $168, tyndall coat – $248



[all images from anthropologie – shoes to follow in a separate post]


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