walking pretty

Well… I promised, didn’t I? If you know me, you know I LOVE shoes. Heck, I had a shop nearly dedicated to them (with a little jewelry and a few handbags thrown in). Something I learned not too long after I started stocking shoes at Clarabella? Two of the brands that I found, loved, and procured? Also sold at Anthropologie. You see why I should be a buyer?

Anyway… I’m currently thinking of fund-raising schemes to add one of these to my collection. Until then? My usual… covet, adore, web-stalk… wait for the sale;).

top: ribbon swell pumps – $398, draping sapphire heels – $338; bottom: final flourish heels – $178, waving grains pumps – $148

top: slinking frills pumps – $188, forest flower oxfords – $510; bottom: covered and uncovered heels – $365, raines heels – $128

top: farrier boots – $528, uppsala clog boots – $578; bottom: delancey boots – $288, well-weathered booties – $258


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