a growing gift

Swirl woos me again! The ever fabulous sale site is now recommending gifts, something super handy as we approach the holidays. Included in their lineup were a few unique plant and tree gifting ideas. Something, perhaps, to brighter a Winter kitchen or to entice a friend to start an herb garden. It seems that gifts like these are increasing in popularity. A dear friend of mine offered up evergreen seedlings as favors to guests at her late summer VT wedding. And… I have it on good authority that another friend, due to wed out West in February, plans to use carefully manicured Bonsai trees as her reception centerpieces.  Seems to me that these gals have the right idea. I took Swirl’s lead and found a few new online spots that could prove very helpful while making out my holiday gift lists this year. Interested in taking it to the next level? Scroll to the bottom of this post for a fab recommendation for gifting trees.


left: heirloom lavender in a pail – $25; top right: sunflower in a bag – $12; bottom right: apple-tree-to-be – $22.50


top: snapdragons bamboo grow pot – $20, assorted garden-in-a-bag herb collection – $8/each; bottom: Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Garden – $30, Gardenia Bonsai Garden – $30


top: organic herb garden trio kit – $34.99, eco friendly herb garden gable box – $24.99; bottom: seeds of life tree-in-a-box – $45


If you’re feeling like going the extra mile and being that super awesome and amazing friend/daughter/son/mother/etc you want to be, why not send a historical tree? The American Forests’ Historic Tree Program offers offspring from famous and historic trees such as the

Johnny Appleseed Apple Tree ($49.95),

the Clara Barton Redbud ($39.95),

the Elvis Presley Southern Magnolia ($39.95),

and the Edgar Allen Poe Hackberry ($39.95).

It’s a pretty cool site to peruse and, truth be told, I’ve purchased from them before. Take a look around and click here to learn more about the Historic Tree Nursery.



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