it’s a stitch!

[image from Design*Sponge – click here for more!]

A few weeks back, I discovered DIY instructions for a pretty awesome tote bag by Renske on Design*Sponge. Being the wanna-be crafty gal that I am, I immediately shared my discovery on Facebook, with a feeble request for sewing machine donations. I wasn’t truly expecting a reply, and figured if push came to shove, I could try sewing the bag by hand. Shockingly, I actually got an offer from a former high school teacher of mine. He mentioned that he and his wife had an old one kicking around that didn’t get much use and he’d be happy to see if off to a good home if I could swing by and pick it up. Conveniently, he lives just about 10 minutes away from the new house, so J and I drove on over for a visit.

It was pretty fantastic to see my old prof after about 15 years. He looks just the same and had the same light-hearted demeanor that I remembered from my school days. He and his wife were incredibly welcoming and kind and offered up a few memorable anecdotes. I have no doubt J and I will head back for another visit very soon. So, thank you to Peter and Jean:). My first sewn creation goes out to you!!

Without further delay, may I introduce to you the latest addition to my crafting family, the Singer:)







Now, I haven’t operated a sewing machine since I was roughly 14 years old, but I remember holding my own back then. I’m looking forward to taking this beauty for a spin. It might be a little ambitious to start with Renske’s tote, but I’m an ambitious gal. Get ready for a guided tour of my attempts coming later this Fall. I’m sure that you seasoned sewers will get a huge kick out of it;). Maybe you’ll even offer up a tip or two? Wish me luck!



  1. I know what I want for Christmas! 😉

  2. I better get a move on:) Just found a pretty simple pattern for a really nice wool throw too…

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