sick day wish list

It appears to be cold season in Maine. I’ve been seeing people fall, one by one, on Facebook. I usually scoff at colds. I like to think that I have an iron-clad immune system, but every once in a while, even I get knocked down. It just so happens that every once in a while is right now. Boo. Perhaps I’m being a bit of a drama queen, but still. At the very least, I’m lucky enough to be working from home today! That means all-day pjs, making my own schedule (for the most part), drinking lots of OJ and taking breaks to watch Gwyneth hold her own on Glee. It also means I’m thinking about my ultimate sick day wish list which I’ve conveniently compiled to share with you. Feeling cozy yet?


top (l to r): holy tea – $24.50, bright morning tea cups – $128, laelia quilt – $168, cable knit hot water bottle cover – $30; middle (l to r): anthology magazine – $12, screen printed pillow cover – $18.50, cashmere cowlneck sweater – $228, goose down comforter – $209; bottom (l to r): wicked good clogs – $49.95, knit neckwarmer – $198, Fields by Junip – $7.99, flame leaf bowl – $16


truth be told… I’m wearing the slippers, I just bought the Junip CD on iTunes and I’m browsing the online version of Anthology Magazine. Not too shabby!



  1. The holy tea is delicious. I had a cup at Grace a while ago and then bought some at a little tea shop on Congress.

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