The Big Unveil

I’m not sure how big the unveil really is, but it sounds exciting, right? It’s a tough step to re-start a blog after nearly two years of inactivity. Sure, there were little posts here and there, but a happy valentine’s wish and a kick-ass video share hardly count as steady content. I think that’s why I’ve taken so long to jump back in. I didn’t want to do it halfway and I didn’t want to do it on a site that I wasn’t at least a little proud of. So, I revised, scrutinized and discarded no less than 6 different layouts and finally settled on what you see here. It’s simple and clean, and it suits me just fine;).

Some of you have been with me since Just Plain Lovely first launched back in 2010 — some even since the Clarabella days — and some of you are brand new. Thank you, truly, for sharing your day with me. You JPL veterans may be wondering: “Where the heck did you go?”. The answer is simple… from the moment I got engaged (Christmas Night 2010) I devoted all of my extra time to scouring wedding sites, looking for fashion and décor inspiration, charting bits of progress here and there via a private tumblr account. I truly wish I’d been one of those ‘do it all’ gals who turned her wedding prep experience into a brand new blogging experience, but I suppose my multi-tasking was already stretched too thin.

So, to catch you up… here’s what you missed, in a nutshell:

Since then it’s been fulfilling, challenging and engaging new job + adoring new husband + cute beyond words new puppy + ‘I can make that!’. Not so bad, right?

With all that said, I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for my silence. I can’t WAIT to get back into fashion & accessories round-ups, music obsessions, artist showcases and now a whole new angle on DIY. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to email with story ideas or a simple hello. We’ve got a fun road ahead!



  1. Melissa Doyle says:

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see and read and hear more!

  2. Barbara Grandolfo says:

    YEAH Erin, It looks wonderful. Can’t wait for more. Loved the photos. Love you, Mom

  3. aubinatturtleloveco says:

    Hooray! Welcome back to blogland, Erin! I look forward to seeing more posts in the next few months!

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